Since as long as you could remember you’ve been wanting to go to the college of your dreams, so you worked hard, studied and got outstanding grades that put you ahead of all the kids in your class. You may think you’ve secured your place at your dream college but have you ever thought that your dream college might also be a dream for another student just like you? So what would make you stand out from this other person in the eyes of the interviewer?

As we all know, colleges look for well-rounded individuals, they want people who can not only study and get good grades but they also want people who can contribute more or do something extra. Good grades are important to get into college but another important thing is your extra-curricular or after school programs. When you take up an after school activity that reflects your professional aims it helps you grow and you gain more knowledge about your field of interest. Also when you take up an after school activity, it shows to the admission officers that you are serious about your career and will contribute more.

One may learn after school activities than one may learn in school through many new things.  You will find that your school may offer after school programs and pick one that suits your interests. But, make sure while picking, you pick an activity that reflects your career path or one that may contribute to factors of your chosen career. Example, if you want to study business or entrepreneurship, pick an activity that would help you grow as a leader or one that would push you to think outside the box.

These activities will help you in a number of things that will build and shape your personality for the real world. You will learn team work, leadership skills, speaking skills, creative skills and of course the skill that the activity mainly is for.

After School ProgramsThese activities are also a great way to use your free time in doing something productive. Instead of socializing with friends over Facebook and the Internet, there’s activities will help you build real life relationships and help you in your career as well. With the growth of technology these days, real life commitments and relationships have taken a back seat in our lives, but while applying for university, the admission officer will look for people who are good at making real life connections and friendships.

After school programs will also help you meet up with people with similar interests, and you will get a chance to learn many things from each other.

Usually after school programs are set up by the school itself, so you wouldn’t have any problems in joining a school club or program. If your school doesn’t offer any such programs then you can check your local youth group or church or any community center. After school activity doesn’t have to necessarily be a group activity, it can also be something that you enjoy doing by yourself, for example, rock climbing or learning how to write programs.

One thing to keep in mind is that whatever activity you choose; make sure you do it under a legal authority so that the activity has value on your application.