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MBA is one of the most famous degrees in business related studies and MBA students have a strong desire to succeed in every of their MBA papers and they certainly need the best dissertation guide MBA to do so and learn how to write MBA dissertation.

Writing MBA projects is a long term process and the students have to stay fully involved and active for writing an MBA dissertation that could win them a confirmed 2:1 standard in their UK MBA dissertations.

There are many MBA dissertation chapters to write for the completion of your papers; some of the pages are included in preliminary pages and they do not have top anything with the research work, but they are important to include in the papers as they help the readers know about the related stuff like topic, the overview of complete paper, locations of chapter, etc

MBA Dissertation Writing Guidelines

When you commence writing your MBA dissertation, you have to start it with the title page. Let’s see what a good MBA dissertation structure is along with MBA dissertation writing tips.

MBA Dissertation Writing Guidelines

Title Page

The title page will reveal the following things of your MBA papers;

  • Main topic – It should have no more 12 words
  • Your Name
  • Institute’s name
  • The purpose of submission
  • Month and year

Normally all the text on title page is centrally aligned, but there are different patterns of making the title page as there are different formatting styles. So you have to make it according to the instructed formation style by your university.

Deed of Declaration

In this part, you confirm that you are presenting original and unique research work and agree that the university can cancel your degree if it is proved to be plagiarized.

Approval Sheet

It is paper attached for the committee members where they confirm whether they approve or disapprove your MBA papers.


It is the section where you express your good feelings and thanks to the people who gave you MBA dissertation assistance in any way and you think their names should be mentioned in the acknowledgment.