Research Methodology
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The research methodology section should have the flowing important points;

Research Design

  • It gives details if the descriptive, explanatory, correlational, comparative, exploratory, evaluative or the mixture of more than one research will be utilised.

Sources of Data

  • Here you tell about the specific resources of research for primary as well as secondary data.

Data Collection Process

This part tells about the process of collecting the data like survey, questionnaire, etc.

Analytical Process

  • It shows the suitable statistical tools for analysis of the collected data.
  • You must italicize the mathematical expressions and number the entire models and equations.
  • The variables should be correctly measured or categorized.

Results & Discussion

  • Here you have to sum up the gathered data and statistical outcomes to rationalize conclusion.
  • You can also make use of tables and graphs to clarify the text.
  • The figures should be numbered with labels written under the figure and must be cited in the text for clear understanding.
  • This part should also have information about obtained scale or worth of the test statistic, degree of freedom, likelihood and the course of effect.
  • It assesses the suggestions of original hypothesis.
  • You have to lay emphasis of any hypothetical consequences of the outcomes and compare them with others’ working.

Summary, Conclusions & Recommendations

This is the last part of the MBA dissertation chapters and it should be order n the following way.

  • Summary
  • Conclusions
  • Recommendations

Bibliography format for MBA dissertation

  • The pat of bibliography is arranged in the alphabetical order.
  • The entire utilised references cited in the text are included.

Curriculum Vitae

This is the optional part, but it is good to include your CV so that you might get an opportunity for career building.

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